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Travelling Abroad - Advice & Vaccinations

We are aiming to make improvements to our Travel Clinics.  Please download the Travel Risk Assessment Form  and print one for each person travellingForm
Please ensure these are given to the Receptionist when you make your appointment to see the nurse AT LEAST 4-6 WEEKS BEFORE YOU TRAVEL UNLESS YOU ARE TRAVELLING TO A TROPICAL COUNTRY - PLEASE BOOK AT LEAST 6-8 WEEKS BEFORE YOUR TRAVEL. During this consultation the nurse will review your travel form with you, any previous immunisations on your medical record, and decide which vaccinations you require and will administer those we hold in stock as listed below.

You may wish to look up which vaccinations you might need as well as some useful information and advice on the following websites:

The following travel vaccinations are usually available free on the NHS:
  • diphtheria, polio and tetanus (combined booster)
  • typhoid.
  • hepatitis A

The majority of countries our patients travel to require only Hepatitis A and/or Typhoid vaccinations, which can be given ahead of time as we usually have these in stock.

However, if you are travelling to a tropical country where a more complex schedule of vaccinations is required, such as Rabies or Japanese Encaphalitis - these have to be ordered in by the local Pharmacy, and you will be given a Private Prescription for these.  Please note there are charges for these vaccinations - please see Private Fees-Non-NHS.
These vaccinations are often a course of three to be administered BEFORE YOU TRAVEL - so please ensure you allow a MINIMUM of 6-8WEEKS BEFORE YOU TRAVEL.

Please note:  We are no longer a Yellow Fever Centre you will therefore need to attend a private travel clinic if you reqire Yellow Fever vaccation.